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Dine Out with Le Petite Brasserie

Discover the convenience and delight of gourmet dining at home with Le Petite Brasserie’s Dine Out menu. Available Tuesday to Sunday, our offering is ideal for those evenings when you desire the sophistication of restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own space. Our menu features an exquisite selection of Gourmet Burgers & Wraps, made from 28-day matured Aberdeen Angus beef, renowned for its rich flavor and tender texture.

For those who enjoy a bit of customisation, our Half or Whole Chicken options allow you to select the level of spiciness to suit your palate, making every meal a personalised dining experience. Accompany your choice with an array of side dishes, from crispy fries to vibrant salads, each designed to complement your main course perfectly. And for dessert, choose from our indulgent sweets to light, refreshing treats, ensuring a delightful conclusion to your meal.