Steak Night

Evenings of Indulgence

Discover the Essence of Premium Steak Every Wednesday

Join us at Le Petite Brasserie in Cheltenham every Wednesday for Steak Night, where simplicity meets sophistication. Our steak selection is a testament to quality and craftsmanship, with each cut reflecting our dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience.

Our Steak Selection:

Ribeye (8oz): Celebrated for its rich marbling and deep flavor, our Ribeye steaks are a favorite among connoisseurs.

Sirloin (8oz): Offering the perfect balance of tenderness and taste, the Sirloin cut is both versatile and satisfying.

Fillet (6oz): Known for its delicate texture and elegant profile, the Fillet is the epitome of a luxurious steak experience.

Every steak we serve is dry-aged for 28 days to enhance its flavor and tenderness, ensuring a meal that’s memorable for its quality and simplicity.